Fresh Tomato Cucumber Feta Salad with Basil


What do you look forward to the most from your garden?

I look forward to the first tomatoes and cucumbers so I can toss together this salad.

It is simple, but so flavorful.


The ingredients are few and fresh: 1 sliced pickling cucumber, 4-6 halved cherry tomatoes, 1 tablespoon finely diced feta cheese, 1-2  basil leaves, a drizzle of Italian dressing or balsamic vinaigrette

Optional: nasturtium bloom (or other edible flower) and basil leaves for garnish

Toss the cucumber, tomato, and feta. Use scissors to snip the basil into ribbons, then sprinkle the basil over the feta. Drizzle with the dressing and garnish with the edible flower and basil. Easy, fresh, and nutritious.

Enjoy the intense flavors of summer!

Those little pickling cucumbers are so delicious. They are loving the DIY cucumber trellis that I made for them. The bees are working my garden well so my cucumbers that used to look funny now are normal in appearance.

The refrigerator pickles that I plan to make taste fabulous! Look for a recipe soon.

Did you see how many I picked after I left my garden for 6 days? Check it out in this post!

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  1. This is absolutely my favorite kind of salad. I eat cucumbers by the pound come summer time, but my garden has failed to produce more than one skinny, sad cuke off of the voluminous vines that sprout. Tomatoes are the highlight of my garden harvest, so I can at least make half of the salad from homegrown goodies.

    • To me, that salad is summer. Well, that and BLTs and watermelon and homemade pickles and the smell of tomato leaves and marigold leaves and basil and…well anyway, it’s a key component of summer!

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