June To-Do List


This month, I have more fun than work planned.

Large Florida backyard garden

Large Florida backyard garden

The large garden has been producing green beans, yellow squash, zucchini, and green onions.

Hopefully I will have some cherry tomatoes ready in the next few days. 😀

As you can see, the DIY cucumber trellis is up and the cucumbers are climbing!


I can hardly bear to look at this garden. It is getting quite a bit of shade now and the fall crops are bolting and I have some bare spots, which I despise!

I should be able to grow some basil here. I also just planted some ‘Kentucky Wonder’ green beans there today.

Here is my list for June; I only consider the first item to be work, the rest is fun!

  1. Mulch shed garden.
  2. Get 200 likes for the Coffee to Compost Facebook page. I’m sooo close!
  3. Plant sweet potato slips that I started from a potato from last year.
  4. Plant purple-hulled peas. These do a  great job of enduring the North Florida summer heat and humidity.
  5. Plant more basil for homemade pesto.
  6. Hopefully, I will have tons of tomatoes soon. Guess I will have to endure harvesting those orbs of awesomeness.
  7. Make Tomato Cucumber Feta Salad. 
  8. Make homemade PICKLES!!! I made some last year and we have been looking forward to them so much!!
  9. Oh yes, one more thing. BLTs!

What’s on your to-do list?


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  1. I love your idea of fun! I wish I had more space to plant, but there’s always next year. My to do list is going to consist of at least 30 different things I plan on canning this summer and fall. Can’t wait.

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