Akers of Strawberries


I finally went to Akers of Strawberries in Baker, Florida, to get some strawberries for jam and smoothies. Strawberry season was just about over when I picked, but I was still able to find some berries for a good price.


Look at all those strawberry plants! That’s not even all of one side!


The berries were small, but they were destined to be smushed into jam or frozen for smoothies anyway.



My mom gave me this hat. I used to try to be tan, but it is really hard to fight genetics. I think I’m done with that exercise in futility.

Plus, I hate being sunburned.


Strawberry jam-here we come! If you are near Baker, Florida, be sure to visit Akers of Strawberries during March or April for their peak strawberry picking time. You can like them on Facebook to be updated on what they have available.

My favorite deal right now is the 20 pounds of peaches for $25! That’s a great price for fruit!


Strawberry season may be over now, but the fresh vegetables and peaches are plentiful.

Adventures in jamming are beginning! Be sure to check out my post on how to make Easy Two Ingredient Strawberry Jam- No Canning Required!

What fruit do you look forward to each year?



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  1. Wow! What a great price on peaches. It is never that good around here. Peaches come in sometime in August and a bushel will run between $50 and $75. Expensive to can, but oh so good.

    I’m still working on the strawberries we picked this morning, another 15 pounds. We picked 35 last week and I just finished making strawberry-rhubarb pie filling today with the last of those. Tomorrow I think I’ll make one more batch of strawberry jam (you can never have too much of that) and then I’ll try some new combination of fruit.

    The berries look beautiful! ~ Tilly

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