Just getting started


Sometimes the hardest part of a task is just getting started.

I decided to spend 15 minutes in my garden this morning. I’m jumping right into planting crops that I think can survive early summer.

That’s one of the great things about gardening in Florida. You’re never actually behind in planting; just plant what’s good for that time.

I have some cabbage in, and I decided to plant a row of marigolds mixed with white zinnias. Sounded like fun. I’m going to plant more flowers in my garden this summer.

The poor cabbages have been visited by the cabbage moths, who lay their eggs on them. The cute little green caterpillars do this damage.
I planted 3 depressions containing Black Beauty zucchini.  Planting in holes helps them retain water.

Sugar snaps are ready for the compost pile. They have done very well for me.

Check your brambles; they may be bearing juicy dewberries or blackberries.

My snapdragons are blooming, and I think the Johnny Jump Ups are adorable. Hot pink zinnias are great too.

Have you been out in your garden lately? Why don’t you head on out for just 15 minutes? It’ll do you some good.

I know it did for me.


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