I Left My Garden for 6 Days



Yes, I was that crazy lady with a tactical flashlight looking for cherry tomatoes last night when I returned.

I’ve had crazier ideas-remember the seeds in the oven?


Not pictured: a handful of cherry tomatoes picked by flashlight

I was so excited to go on a treasure hunt this morning and find the rest of the vegetables!

So what do I plan to do with this bounty?

The yellow squash are destined for being sauteed with some onions in olive oil and of course a bit of butter. 🙂 I think I will just blanch and freeze the green beans for now.


Most of the cucumbers are overripe and yellowing, but should make decent pickles.


I was pleasantly surprised to see these banana peppers. They were grown from seeds saved from a pepper purchased last year. What do you think of stuffing them with a cream cheese-dill mixture?


white patty pan squash

The patty pan squash are so big that I think I am going to make some chocolate bread with them, following a suggestion given by tinywhitecottage in response to my UFO squash post.

There were some casualties too; my zinnia, tomatillo, and basil seedlings are roasted, and I may not get any ground cherry plants after all. Yes, the ground cherry plants were grown from free seeds, but they were valuable to me.

While I was in Kentucky, I visited a very nice edible garden. I’ll share pictures of that soon. They had  neat compost bins that are similar to my compost system, and some biodegradable planters that really were a neat feature. I think you will enjoy the pictures.

I hope your gardens are doing well!


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  2. I agree the yellow squash are fabulous sauteed however just like the zucchini I think it is best grilled. I cant get enough of either when I slice them length wise, about 3/8 of an inch, rub with garlic, olive oil salt and fresh cracked black pepper and grilled on each side until those beautiful grill marks dominate the veggies. Once you do this your addicted to grilled veggies.

    • I was very excited! Sometimes I feel like my garden is not doing anything, but leaving it for a few days really helps me see its progress.

      • How long did it take your yellow squash plant to start producing female flowers? I am currently growing yellow crookneck squash. I successfully fended off squash borers (whew!).

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