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Blue Basket Farms- Blueberry Time!


Have you ever been blueberry picking? My blueberry-picking expedition to Blue Basket Farms was a great success!


The bushes were tall and loaded with large sweet blueberries.


They really were the sweetest that I have ever eaten. I did make sure to pick some semi-ripe berries for jam-making.

berry picking bucket DSCN4738

The berry-picking apparatus looks really strange, but it really is a smart idea. Both hands are free to pick the yummy berries. I have about 6 pounds in my container.

I just saw that their prices are down to $1.75 per pound. That’s a great price for blueberries!

Visit them on their Facebook page and at their farm. Time to make some blueberry jam!

I really like blueberry jam – see my blueberry jam post here. I’ve already made some Easy Two Ingredient Strawberry Jam (No Canning Required!).

What would you do with 6 pounds of blueberries?