Blue Basket Farms- Blueberry Time!


Have you ever been blueberry picking? My blueberry-picking expedition to Blue Basket Farms was a great success!


The bushes were tall and loaded with large sweet blueberries.


They really were the sweetest that I have ever eaten. I did make sure to pick some semi-ripe berries for jam-making.

berry picking bucket DSCN4738

The berry-picking apparatus looks really strange, but it really is a smart idea. Both hands are free to pick the yummy berries. I have about 6 pounds in my container.

I just saw that their prices are down to $1.75 per pound. That’s a great price for blueberries!

Visit them on their Facebook page and at their farm. Time to make some blueberry jam!

I really like blueberry jam – see my blueberry jam post here. I’ve already made some Easy Two Ingredient Strawberry Jam (No Canning Required!).

What would you do with 6 pounds of blueberries?



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  1. The berries look wonderful. I love the berry picking bucket. Did they provide that or is that yours? I’m going to have to make myself something like that when I go. Our blueberries aren’t ready until September but hopefully the picking will be as nice as it was for you. We’ll freeze at least ten pounds for blueberry muffins through the winter, make some blueberry lemonade concentrate, and then this year I want to make blueberry pie filling and a mixed cherry-berry pie filling with blueberries, cranberries, and sour cherries.

    • They provided the bucket. When I first saw people wearing them … well, let’s just say that they’re not exactly stylish. However, they are quite practical and really did help you pick faster. The bushes were loaded and the berries were huge!

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