What’s growing in your compost?


I’ve some nice looking potatoes that volunteered in my compost, but that’s not totally surprising.

I have found all kinds of fun plants: squash, collards, tomatoes, but I recently found the most exciting (to me) of all.


Look closely at the far right side, about the middle.

Recognize it? I didn’t either, until I pulled up its sibling, thinking it was a weed.


Do you know what it is now?

Look at the pit from which the root is growing. It’s a peach tree!! I am so excited to have them growing for me.


I have some potted up along the house, and two planted already. I’m resisting the temptation to plant them all along the perimeter of my backyard.

But why? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

I can imagine it now: peach, loquat, peach, loquat…goat pen… Just kidding.

Sorta. Maybe chickens?

Anyway, I’m finding good homes for the extra peach trees. They should be easier to rehome than puppies, I hope.

Oh, and speaking of random stuff that I didn’t plant but am still happy about growing- check out these blackberries!

I posted about my blackberry and rose situation last year, but this year it looks to be even better!

The first few have been harvested, and there are many more ripening. I have also mentally tagged a few sites to check out too.

I just love volunteer plants!  You got anything exciting growing that you didn’t plant?


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