I think I’m allergic to Mondays.


How was your Monday? Awesome, I’m sure. Aren’t all Mondays?

I’ve actually been sneezing since this morning, despite allergy meds.

I played outside anyway, sneezing and sniffing.

I had this idea for my blog title today, “The Last Radishes  the First Tomato Flower” and it was going to be about how my garden was transitioning from fall/winter yada yada yada…

It looks like an even worse idea in print.

Plus, my radish pictures are garbage.


Oh, and that tomato flower? It’s sadly out of focus. It was a great idea, but…


On the bright side, the bolting turnips are so energetic and friendly.


Ah, finally. A decent shot. It’s a baby cucumber! I am so eager to make some more Amazing Refrigerator Dill Pickles!.

if I had to choose between growing tomatoes or cucumbers, I’d pick cucumbers just because of those pickles.

It’s hard to be glooomy in a garden. It’s not my garden that was having a Monday, it was me. Actually, it was my camera skills. They are…hmm. Not quite sure how to describe them.

I do have some decent jam pictures. The photos from my Blueberry Peach jam Recipe are pretty good, for me at least.

So, day is done and I am thankful for my family to love, strength to putter in the garden, and sunshine to chase away the gray.

Thankful that Monday is not every day.



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