My North Florida Gardening To-Do List for April

My North Florida Gardening To-Do List for April

This was the hardest time of the year for me in college. Flowers were blooming, the weather was nice, and I wanted to be outside with my hands in the dirt so badly.

This should be a great month for planting, weeding, dividing, and transplanting.

My tomatoes are already in the ground, and zucchini have true leaves already.


Greens are producing well, and some are bolting and attracting pollinators.

1. I need to get my pepper plants in the ground. I gave up on getting my bell peppers to sprout, and just spent the 3 bucks on some. You can be sure that I looked for a pack with lots of two in one plants. 🙂


You may notice that my jalapeño and and habanero peppers germinated just fine though. Figures.

2. Plant green beans. I’m trying a new variety called ‘Tendergreen’ this spring.


3. Save seeds from my Johhny Jump Ups. Looks like some seed has already been scattered for next season.


I’m also excited that it seems like I will triple my blueberry production this year.


You know, like from 5 blueberries to 15. 🙂

In other news, I have some fun stuff coming up in my compost. More on that later- for now, let’s poke some seeds in the ground!


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    • Too late for regular potatoes, but it’s a great time to start sweet potatoes in North Florida! They do really well here, and you can eat the greens!

      • No way. I’ve always thought all potato vines were poisonous. There are some reputable sites that say sweet potato vines are good livestock feed too. I’ll plant sweet potatoes for me and the greens for the chickens! Good to know. I’m on it.

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