Puttering Around in the Garden



The daikon radishes have gone to seed, but I don’t mind. Looking up from weeding and peering at the corner of my garden through this veil of blossoms doesn’t bother me one bit. I may not get any radishes, but these flowers are not a disappointment. I hope to be saving seed from them soon.


The pac choi is bolting too, in a blazing yellow haze. I hope that they will draw many early pollinators to my garden. I am hoping for great things from my black zucchini.


Tomatoes can be a bit of a booger to grow in North Florida, but that doesn’t keep me from hoping. This year I’m growing Roma, ‘Super Sweet 100’, red beefsteak, and yellow grape.


My alyssum that I started from seed has finally started to bloom. These are blooming among what I think are kohlrabi in my flower bed. I’m hoping to save seed from these and my Johhny Jump Ups.

Cosmos are popping up from seeds scattered last year, and cleome should be making its appearance soon.

It is a wonderful time of growth.

If you are thinking of planting some seeds, dividing perennials, or redoing your landscaping, this is a great time!


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  1. I am trying everglades cherry tomato this year. It is said to be well suited to humid and hot conditions. I do have a little bit of extra seed this years if someone on the Pace, FL area wants any.

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