If I was wearing a necklace, does it still count as gardening?


I have two types of clothes. I have classy-I-could-teach-a-class-in-this type of clothes; and I have what I affectionately term “garden grunge” clothes, not fit for Walmart.

I felt like my plain gray shirt needed some snazzing up, so I put on a necklace.


I was really just going to do some light gardening, hopefully burning off my toast with apple butter.


I took some rich, crumbly compost and top-dressed my sugar snaps. I hope these have a growth spurt soon. They are awfully scrawny. I’m going to start another batch this month and see how they compare.

I also wedged in some cabbage collards and Bibb lettuce transplants.


Nothing too terribly strenuous, but it was nice to get outside and play in the dirt a bit. This is probably the most dressed up I’ve been for gardening.

Well, unless you count the times I’ve been seen in my church clothes dragging a hose around Sunday afternoons.

What about you? Do you get dressed up to visit your vegetables?


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  1. Yep, sounds familiar. I don’t have space to garden at the moment, but I still have two sets of clothing. One is for looking professional when doing photography on location, and one that I consider my “uniform” for doing photography in the home studio: pajama bottoms and baggy t-shirts. 😉

    • Yeah, I really should invest in some normal people clothes. You’re a photographer?! No wonder your blog pics are so great. Poor thing. You must cringe to come over to my site. I must do better! I guess I shall scour your site for inspiration and tips.

  2. I do have my gardening / painting / working around the house clothes and nothing real fancy. We finally have a great deal of rain so it will be awhile before I’m out in the garden again. I hate to say, since we need the rain so much, but I miss the sunshine and warmer temps already.

  3. I found your blog, quite by accident, while visiting a garden blog in Georgia. So glad I did, I’m a Central Florida gardener, always looking to see what others are growing in our state. I’ll be back when I have more time to check everything out.

    • So glad you stopped by my little blog! I know I get excited to find another gardener in my general area. I just popped over to your blog- what beautiful landscaping! I love the colors. Your Thanksgiving garden looked great too. I just love the flavors of the fall/winter garden. Thanks for commenting, for now I have found your blog too!

  4. I often have to stop myself before making a run to the store… I realize my gardenwear wouldn’t even make the walmart cut. Kind of like when I realize I’m weeding the front beds still in my PJs 🙂

    • It’s so easy to get lost in gardening! I’m sure the neighbors think we’re a bit crazy though. Oh well, they don’t know what they’re missing.

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