I Need a Sleep Debt Consolidation Specialist


Christmas break has been awesome. My husband has been off work for about 2 weeks, and it has been raining so much in the Panhandle that we have just been relaxing and enjoying each other’s company so much. I have stayed up way too late. We had such a happy Christmas. I hope you were able to spend time with your loved ones too.

This rain has been persistent. Good for relaxing, but I just wish that I had plowed under half of my yard; scattered half a pound of turnip, mustard, kale, and radish seeds, and let these nine days of rain water them. They’d probably be half grown by now.


I have to be content, though, with harvesting a few sugar snap peas and some mustard greens. Planting those peas in September has worked out well so far. They got tossed into a stir fry last night. Yummy! The cosmos you see in the background is actually a second generation flower from seeds I planted last spring. I think all the plants are confused.

New Year’s Day I plan to make some blackeye peas and collard greens.  Happy New Year, everyone!


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  1. It has certainly been raining. The bugs have been horrible with the weather also.
    With the ending of the rain I finally got around to going and doing something outside. I am fixing my snaper mower, I need to repair one of my chainsaws and I am clearing bush continuously. Sending graft wood to friends in Georgia and Louisiana. A fellow just answered a request I made some years ago on Travis Callahan’s pear page. He is in Houston a real active center for southern home fruit growing. I still have a tomato plant that is alive and has two tomatoes, which is the most success I have had with tomatoes in 15 years. I will be getting some champanel wine grape cuttings from Abbeville Louisiana come February. Come about that time I also hope to get some persimmon grafting wood in also. I have local wild persimmons all over my place and I am either grafting them with improved American persimmons or with Asian varieties. Most of the local persimmons are too astringent to eat. This year I intend to plant maypop vines. I had some success with my first attempt at a winter garden. Gardening is a learning experience.
    Happy New Year to all. .

    • Sounds like you will be swimming in fruit soon- that’s great! I just have a small winter garden now, but I am hoping for good harvests in the next few months when the leafy greens really start growing for me. I hope you get a January tomato; wouldn’t that be fun?

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