May To-Do List


I have some before and after pictures for you this month. The dollar weed was winning, so it was time to use a tiller and reclaim the garden.


I planted my bean seeds expecting warmth, and we were disappointed. We ended up tilling much of it and replanting. My husband made those neat arches, and hopefully we’ll have lots of tasty cucumbers from them.



Even if they don’t produce much, they still look cool. 🙂

DSCN6076 DSCN6101


The shed bed had become overgrown with bolting mustard. I had some garlic almost ready to harvest, but I decided to just pull it up and make a fresh start. One of the bulbs made it inside and was discovered in an unlikely place-more on that later.

I had 3 blueberry bushes languishing by the back fence. That’s my wonderful husband there transplanting them. Really this garden renovation would not have been possible without him.

He was so sweet to help me. When I mentioned that blueberries like acidic soil, he carefully layered pine straw and coffee grounds in their new home. Awww… what a guy!


Here’s some veggies that I harvested before the tilling: green and wax beans, carrots, turnips, and  a forgotten radish.

My to-do list:

  1. Till gardens.
  2. Plant more green beans, basil, okra, bell peppers, and southern peas.
  3. Mulch cucumbers with compost.
  4. Transplant eggplants.


How’s your garden?



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  1. Got to love a guy like that! Our little garden is coming along nicely. We just harvested one sweet little zucchini the other day and another will be for dinner tonight. We’ve eaten some tasty carrots. We have some little tomatoes already and I’m so excited. The ones in the store are not very flavorful. and by the way, the compost pile is coming along nicely!😄

    • Yay for real tomatoes! If I must buy tomatoes in the winter, I get cherry tomatoes; the others are so bland. This is a great time of year for composting; there’s lots of grass clippings and weeds for the pile, and warmth to help speed the process. Congratulations on your first zucchini!

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