Plant Seeds Before It Rains!


Who’s that crazy lady out there planting seeds?

Yep, that was me. It’s supposed to rain this afternoon, so I was out there trying to get them planted.


I’d much rather have God water my garden, saves money!

It has been pretty hot recently, so these seeds should be up pretty quickly.


I was also excited to pick the first cucumbers of the season- soon it will be time to make homemade pickles!

We’ve been working on the garden quite a bit lately; pictures and an update are coming soon!


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  1. Hi Sarah, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a message. It’s always so nice to find another Florida garden blogger. It looks like you’re quite the vegetable gardener, and that can be a real challenge here. Check out my sidebar to find other Florida garden bloggers. There’s another young woman near Tallahassee that has a nice blog called Spruce Pine Cottage. And several others in central and south Florida.

    • I love to read about other Florida gardens! I love to see what and when others are planting. The right variety at the right time of the year seems to be the key.

  2. I just did the same thing. Rain was predicted so I got out there and planted the beans and dill. It started raining while I finished up with the dill, but I finished before the downpour. Why pay for the water when you can get it free?

    • Yeah, I know I’m not supposed to step on the soil and mess with plants when they’re wet, but in Florida they’re not going to be wet for long.

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