How to Save Cantaloupe Seeds


I had some yummy ‘Athena’ cantaloupes recently and decided to save some of the seeds for next year. ‘Athena’ cantaloupes are F1 hybrids, which means that they may not be exactly like the one I bought, but I’m not too picky.

After all, why buy seeds in a packet when I just bought some in a cantaloupe?

Let’s keep this simple, shall we?


Scoop the seeds out of the cantaloupe.

          DSCN4543                                   DSCN4544

Put the seeds and pulp in a glass of water. Smush the pulp to release the seeds. Pour off the murky water and repeat the smushing and pouring process.

Once the water is clear the seeds are clean.

Dry the cantaloupe seeds for at least 24 hours.


Store your seeds in a cool, dry place.

I recently visited a local strawberry farm. It was the end of the season, but I still managed to find some berries! You can read about that soon!


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