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My Awesome Finds at the Pace Virtual Farmers *SUPER* Market


Did you go to the market on Thursday? I did, and found some great deals and made another gardening friend!


The market was bustling with people there to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Pace Virtual Farmers Market.


Pensacola Permaculture was there, and of course their display of plants, flowers, and beautiful yard eggs got my attention, but what drew me in was these tiny tomatoes.

Matt's Wild Cherry Tomato

Matt’s Wild Cherry tomato!!! Of course I had to try one, and they are delicious! They are classic tomato flavor in a cute little package. I am going to try to plant some seeds from them for my garden. According to Michelle, they do really well here in North Florida. I had so much fun talking with her about gardening.

It’s not often that I find someone enthusiastic about gardening like me; many of my friends get this glazed over look in their eyes when I bring up the dreaded squash vine borers, pet chickens, cover crops… and that’s one of the reasons why I started this blog-I needed an outlet!

The topic of the pickleworm came up, and Michelle shared that when she removed the faded blossoms from her pollinated cucumbers, she didn’t get the pickleworms! Great tip!


Look at these gorgeous chanterelle mushrooms. I’ve gotta work on growing my own mushrooms, ASAP.

I bought a tromboncino squash plant from them, and Michelle ripped off a purple sweet potato slip off for me. Yes, you read that right. PURPLE!! Won’t that be fun to eat?!

Anyway, felt as though I could stay at that booth for hours, but then I might’ve fainted from hunger. Thankfully, the Crossroads Roll’n Cafe was ready with dinner.

The owners, Tony and  Carla Cross, have one of those food trucks that are so popular.


Aren’t they cute?


Their burger was really good, and it was on a Hawaiian sweet roll- so yummy!

My husband went a little crazy and ordered all kinds of stuff, so I can vouch not only for their burger, but also for their Conecuh sausage dog.


Oh, and I can vouch for their grilled green beans too.

I like chips (which they also offer), but I also like to be semi-healthy too. 🙂

So, since I ate my veggies, that means I can have dessert, right?



This cream cheese cinnamon bar was really good. Really, really good.


I almost got out of there without buying any jewelry, but then I saw the Paparazzi lady.

$5 for a necklace?! That’s my kind of deal!

“Buy two,” my husband said. Hey, he knows a good deal when he sees it. Elizabeth’s site, www.fancyforfive.com, has all kinds of pretty jewelry.

The Pace Virtual Farmers Market meets on Thursday evenings 6-7 p.m. behind the Relevant Life Church on Hwy 90. Ask to join their Facebook group to view more vendors and see what they have to offer. You can even make your order ahead of time, and the vendor will have it ready for you!

You can read more about the Pace Virtual Farmers Market in my post here, or visit their blog.



Pace Virtual Farmers Market


There has been a farmers market right under my nose for almost a whole year, and I just discovered it.

I attended for the first time last Thursday, not quite sure what to expect.

Pace Virtual Farmers Market

I certainly didn’t expect so many people. The market was crowded when I arrived a few minutes after 6 p.m.

Many order their specific items throughout the week, so I was a bit concerned that I would feel a bit out-of-place because I hadn’t ordered anything ahead of time. However, once I got there and started looking at the displays I felt like I was at a regular market.

This market started simply as a way for locals to get fresh vegetable shares and has grown over the last year to include vendors with meat, eggs, baked goods, jams, crafts, cheese, soaps, and many other items. Members of their  facebook page can order specific items throughout the week, then pick their items up at the Thursday evening market behind the Relevant Life Church on Hwy 90 between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m.

I think the pre-ordering process makes it easier for those who are baking and preparing specific foods to reduce waste.

patty pan squash in a basket

Lazy K Farm was there, with an assortment of squash, potatoes, onions, and REAL tomatoes.

Cherokee Purple tomato

Look at this beautiful ‘Cherokee Purple’ tomato!

Rapture Indulgences at Pace Virtual Farmers Market

I sniffed some soy candles, including one that reminded me of a Creamsicle. Andrea also sells these and other items in her etsy shop.

Pace Virtual Farmers Market

I met Amanda from Buttered Biscuits, and I was fascinated by the varieties of jams, jellies, and sauces that she had to offer. Her watermelon jelly won 2nd place at the Santa Rosa County Fair.

She also told me about her Monkey Butter, which was a 1st place winner. She told me that it had pineapple, coconut, bananas… Yum! No wonder she was sold out of it.

Kiwi Blood Orange Marmalade

The jar of Kiwi Blood Orange Marmalade sounded yummy, so I bought a jar. It’s a little embarrassing how much is gone already.

I love to make jam (especially if it’s an easy recipe, like Two Ingredient Strawberry Jam), but sometimes it’s nice to let someone else make the jam for you. 🙂

For more information about this market, you can visit their blog here, or ask to join their facebook group here.

I’m excited about their SUPER market coming up this Thursday, June 11. It is in celebration of the market’s one year anniversary and will be open 4:30-7:30 p.m.This market will include a raffle drawing with many prizes, including a $200 shopping spree to the market.

I get so excited about farmers markets, don’t you?