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Small Batch Fresh Peach Jam Recipe- No Canning Required! (Full Batch Instructions Included)


I think I could eat warm homemade bread slathered with this peach jam for breakfast every day for a week and still love it. Fresh peach jam bursts with intense flavor. Peaches are in season now in North Florida, and by using just a little sugar as I do in this recipe, you can really let the peaches be the star.

DSCN4945 - Copy

The ingredient list is simple: 1 1/3  cup of  peeled finely chopped peaches(about 5 medium), 1/2 cup sugar. This recipe will make one half pint (one cup) of jam.

NOTE: I just got 75 lbs of peaches, and will be making full batches with 8 cups of chopped peaches and 4 cups of sugar. Yield is approximately 6 half pints. If you want to can them, process in boiling water for 10 minutes. Don’t try to double a full batch, as trying to make too much jam at once or it may not set properly.

Cook the peaches and sugar over medium-high heat, stirring often.

DSCN4946 - Copy  DSCN4947 - Copy

Cook until the jam has jelled, using the cold plate test explained in my Easy Two Ingredient Strawberry Jam Recipe post. This will take 10-15 minutes. Stir occasionally.

You can see in the second picture how that it has become darker in color and how that the syrup looks thicker.

Time to put the yumminess into a jar!

Small Batch Fresh Peach Jam Recipe

Small Batch Fresh Peach Jam Recipe

Let it cool slightly, then cover and refrigerate. I just love looking at the pretty colors in this picture.

Making jam is so easy to do, and with so much fresh fruit in season, why don’t you try to make a small batch of jam? You may just impress yourself. 🙂

If you can make mac-n-cheese from a box, you can make this jam. You will love how easy it is and your family will love to eat it!

If you’re somehow one of those people that doesn’t like peaches, you can try my easy strawberry jam recipe or my quick blueberry jam. One of my favorites is my small batch blueberry peach jam. Those recipes are great for a beginner and are very good.

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