Time-saving Dinner Prep Tip


At my house, dinner needs to go from ingredients to plate in 30 minutes. I like to cook, but my evenings don’t always allow for a lengthy dinner prep. Sometimes, I need a really quick dinner.

My go-to super quick dinner is spaghetti with meat sauce.

I also like to make chili in the crockpot. It just takes a few minutes to throw some ingredients in the Crock-pot and then it will be ready by dinner time.DSCN6584

Tacos are another quick dinner option.

Dinners like these come together very quickly, especially if the meat is already cooked and ready to go. I like to buy my ground beef for the next few weeks, cook it, saute some onions and maybe some bell peppers in it; and then stick it in the fridge if I’m going to use it in the next few days, or store it in the freezer.

What is your quickest homemade dinner?

How do you expedite dinner prep in your home? I’m always looking for ways to make a yummy dinner quickly!


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  1. Our favorite is burritos, as we can toss a can of black beans in with my homemade salsa, chop up some veggies, shred some cheese and chicken if we have it, and top with my homemade hot sauce 🙂 My husband makes a mean pasta with mushroom sauce too 🙂

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