Time to Plant the Fall Garden!


For us in North Florida, spring is here again! Many of the spring crops can be planted again, and many of the fall crops can be started this month.


I really want some green beans, so I am planting some of them, and a few zucchini plants. I saved seeds from my prolific ‘National Pickling’ cucumbers, and I hope to make some more homemade pickles.

I am only going to plant a few tomato plants. I have some cuttings rooted in water on my windowsill. I just clipped some cuttings off the plants before I pulled them. For more tips, read this post.

Many leafy vegetables can be started next month. Collards and kale did well for me last year, so I plan to grow them again.

For now, my garden has quite a few plants that will keep producing for a while: peppers, okra, sweet potatoes, and pink-eyed purple-hulled peas.

For a spectacular Florida Vegetable Planting Guide, visit the University of Florida site. If one of your spring crops failed, chances are that you can try again!

Gardening in Florida is awesome!

What are you doing in your garden now? Are you relaxing in the air conditioning or sweating in the summer sun? I confess, most of my gardening is done before 9 a.m. or after 5 p.m. Florida sun can be brutal!


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  1. Hi! I just found your blog. I live in South florida and feel like I might as well live in the desert. How do you keep your plants from getting sun scorched? The majority of my yard faces south. I have seen some little sheds online with a zip net cover. Would that help? Otherwise I feel like I’ll have to grow everything inside lol

    • Welcome! Yes, South Florida can get so hot! You could try a shade shed, but I would try looking around to see what others in your area are growing in full sun with success. Landscaping around malls, hospitals, and other industrial areas usually have low maintenance flowering plants that can take the brutal sun in your area. If you don’t recognize a plant, just snap a picture and take it when you go to buy plants. I also get ideas from seeing what my neighbors are growing. If you are growing a vegetable garden in full sun, it is so important that you only try to grow summer crops. My post on “Resources for Florida Gardeners” has a link to a planting calender. Hope this helps!

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