Master Gardener Yard Sale and Demonstration Garden-Pictures!


I managed to snatch a few moments today to go visit the Demonstration Garden and and yard sale at my local extension office. I was able to snap some pictures and to grab a few good deals. Have you ever seen a century plant in bloom?

century plant in bloom

century plant in bloom

It’s very impressive that it can send up a stalk so high from such an unassuming plant.

DSCN4857     DSCN4870

Lots of edibles too, a ‘Shell’ apple tree and a ‘Brown Turkey’ fig tree.


That fig tree is loaded with figs. They will be swimming in figs soon.


This garden is bird-friendly. I love the placement of flowers around the bird feeder.


I thought that the herb garden had a neat layout. Don’t you like the design?


This was perhaps the most striking accent to me. I love the bright black-eyed Susan flowers!

This was just a few of the neat plants and structures to see in the garden and at the Extension Office. They also have a greenhouse, blueberry bushes, thornless blackberries, square foot garden, and a goldfish pond.

Oh yes, my loot from the yard sale.


Each item that I purchased was only 50 cents! That’s a great price for clay pots! Time to start some mint or share some oregano!



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