Florida Raised Bed Gardening-Monster Tomato Plant!


very tall tomato plant

Have you ever seen a tomato plant this tall?

That tomato plant is on its way to towering over NBA players.

Temperatures here in North Florida have been mostly over 85 degrees, and tomatoes have trouble setting fruit at higher temperatures, especially the larger tomatoes. They do get a bit of shade, and we are hoping that the plants can hold on through the hot months to come. If they can survive until it starts cooling down a bit, they may get a bumper crop of tomatoes.

What do you think about the height? Should they prune it to keep it under control or should they just let it go and see how tall it can get?


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  1. WOW! I’ve never seen such a tall tomato plant. Mine seem to get wider rather than taller. They get so full that I sometimes have trouble getting the fruit out of the “tomato bushes” without breaking branches.

  2. It’s a beast! You know better than me, but I’d say prune it if you want the harvest. However, if it were in my garden I’d probably let it go just to see how tall it can get. I’m weird that way. 🙂

    • I’m with you. I think my curiousity would be greater than my desire for tomatoes. I’m going to leave it up to them. If it can survive until it gets a bit cooler, they should still get a few tomatoes anyway, as there are some flowers on the vine.

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    • First, I would be certain that it is an appropriate time to plant tomatoes in your area. I would use a lightweight potting mix. You want to be careful of how much weight you add to your deck; many potted plants can add weight quickly. I like the Miracle-Gro line of products, especially for fertilizer. If your potting soil already has fertilizer in it, you can wait to fertilize for a while. Hope you get lots of tomatoes!

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