Mint-Infused Sweet Tea


Here in the South, we like our sweet tea. I have developed my own recipe that my husband really likes and I stray from its proportions at my own risk.

I have to start with Luzianne tea. It is the best. Period.

Currently, I have 4 boxes in my pantry. It makes my husband sad if I run out of this tea, so I try to keep well-stocked.

I pour one cup of sugar into my sweet tea pitcher, then steep 3 family-size bags in 2 cups of hot water for 10 minutes. Then I swirl the hot tea concentrate and the sugar until the sugar is dissolved. I fill the pitcher with water so  it contains 3 quarts of Southern living-the-dream nectar.

I leave my tea bags in the solution; the tea actually tastes better the second day, not bitter at all.

So how can this sweet tea become even more refreshing?

By adding a sprig of fresh mint!


I take a few leaves of fresh mint, crush them to release the flavor, place them in the bottom of my glass, add ice, then pour the tea over it all.

Ahh so good! Just what I need after a warm afternoon of playing in the garden!

Time to relax and drink my nectar and watch the hummingbirds drink the homemade nectar that I make for them.

Do you add anything to your sweet tea or are you cringing at the thought of adding anything to it? I’d love to hear your comments below!


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