Saving Seeds From Grocery Store Tomatillo


I love the fresh taste of homemade salsa, and I am planning to make buckets of it this summer once those tomatoes are ready.

There is also salsa verde, made with tomatillos. I want to try growing some of them this year. Ripe tomatillos are sold at grocery stores, so I thought I’d try to get seeds there first.

Typically, when selecting tomatillos, you should look for green fruit with the husk still attached. I wanted mine to be as ripe as possible so the seeds would hopefully be mature. I selected this sad specimen.


I peeled it to reveal a spongy interior studded with little tan seeds.


Then I chunked the tomatillo and squeezed the seeds and some of the pulp into water. Repeatedly rinsing and pouring off the pulp and “floaters”(I assumed the floating seeds were not viable) left me with clean seeds at the bottom.The picture above was taken about halfway through the rinsing process.


After pouring off most of the water, I poured the seeds onto a napkin to dry. When they are completely dry (a day or so) I can store them!

Seems like it is time to make some of my pretty seed packets-tutorial coming soon!

Also, I guess I’d better check the germination on these little seeds. See how I do this using a coffee filter in my post here.

Have you ever grown anything from grocery store produce?


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