Why I Mulch


I’ve discovered that you must either mulch, or you must weed. I mulch because I hate weeding.

Thickly applied mulch shades out the weeds that may need sun to germinate. Others that manage to germinate will grow weak and spindly reaching up through the mulch to the light, making them easy to pull.

If mulch’s only function was to  curtail the growth of weeds, it would be enough to recommend it to me. However, mulch can also shade the roots of plants, supply organic material to enrich sandy soil, and help to create an uniform appearance.


Some good kinds of mulch are wood chips, pine straw, straw, dried leaves, and compost. I use dried leaves because I can get them for free. I was out in my yard this afternoon in my trusty garden shoes, raking leaves, trying to discourage the weed seeds that may be enjoying the warmer temperatures and light showers.

This is a great time of year in north Florida to find leaves bagged by the side of the road or to rake them from your own yard. Mulch now for less weeding later!



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