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Who Wants Zucchini Bread?


It’s time to put on the trusty garden shoes and plant some squash in Florida! I am really trying to get many of my seeds in before Friday, as it is supposed to rain then. Plants always seem to grow better when God waters them.


These are my favorite gardening shoes-an old pair of sneakers with the backs smashed in.

Planting squash in Florida is a bit different than other places. Typically, you are instructed to build little hills and to plant 3 seeds per hole.

Florida is so hot and often dry that I plant my zucchini, yellow squash, and patty pan squash at ground level or in a slight depression. If you plant them below ground level, it will allow the precious water to seep down to the roots rather than away from the plants.



I amended my sandy Florida soil with some of my partially finished compost (see my post on how to make your own here) and a few tablespoons of 10-10-10 fertilizer. The worms are very active now in the compost; I am so happy to see the little workers in my garden.



After mixing it together and incorporating some of the surrounding soil, I made sure that the seeds were placed far enough from each other that I wouldn’t be forced to thin them.

I hate pulling up potentially productive plants, so I try to space the seeds at recommended mature spacing when I am sowing. I typically just plant 2 seeds per hole. If both germinate, fine. If only one germinates, it will be left alone and will actually be happier than plants that are crowded 3 at a time.


Pulled up the last of the rutabagas today. I have plans for the roots AND the leaves. I love crops like this- the whole plant is edible. They definitely justified their place in the fall Florida garden, but it was time for them to come up so I could plant some squash.

Planting squash in Florida is a great way to spend a spring morning!

Zucchini bread here I come!