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Golden Anniversary Cake

Golden Anniversary Cake

It’s always a compliment to be asked to make a cake. Cakes are synonymous with celebrations: birthdays, weddings, retirements, and other happy days. 

Although I have been honored by brides asking me to make their wedding cakes, it was a great honor to be asked to make an anniversary cake for a couple who had kept their wedding vows 50 years.

As you may know, that is the golden anniversary.

One of their daughters forwarded me a picture of this cake, but wanted to serve around 30 people.

We decided to do the top two tiers of what had been a 3 tier cake, and to put the rosettes on the bottom.

I baked homemade carrot cakes, and gave them a hearty crumb coat. Skewers were used as support, and a circle of parchment paper was between the two tiers for easy removal.

I used the cream cheese frosting for this cake’s crumb coat, but in the past I have used vanilla buttercream for the crumb coat, especially for square cakes. The buttercream gets very firm in the fridge, and is a good foundation for the weaker cream cheese. 

In this case, the cream cheese crumb coat was sufficient.

I used 5 batches of cream cheese frosting on this cake!

I used a Wilton 1M tip for the rosettes, stacked the top tier, and added the ribbon.

I added a final row of rosettes on top of the bottom tier and placed the topper.

Happy golden anniversary!