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Spring Vegetable Garden Planting


‘Jackson Wonder’ bean seeds

It was a beautiful day in Florida to plant some beans in my backyard garden. Here in northern Florida we are experiencing warm weather, so I am eager to plant spring crops in my garden. Not only did I plant the ‘Jackson Wonder’ beans pictured, but I also planted ‘Contender’ green beans and ‘Roma II’ beans.


Since my garden expansion, my rows are much longer. I stretched yarn between two sticks and used that to help me make my rows straight. Now I pray for warm weather and soft rain showers. I still have some more varieties to plant, but I especially wanted to get the ‘Contender’ beans into the ground. They seemed to have a good germination rate, even when I planted them a bit early last year.



My final gardening of the evening was harvesting some collards to go with dinner.

Hopefully I will have some fresh green beans and yellow squash soon! Spring gardening in Florida is so exciting!