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One Minute No Sew Superhero Cape


Do you have some mini superheros running around your home? Then you know the basic issues with those capes.

You can improvise by tying a blanket around their neck.

Get ready to hear, “Mom, could you tie it again?”

You can splurge on Velcro-attached capes, or get crafty and sew one yourself.

Have fun pulling that Velcro off your laundry.

Here’s what I came up with this afternoon. All I needed was an old T-shirt and scissors.

Cut from the bottom of the shirt up to the collar, forming a rough triangle.

no-sew cape

Carefully snip around the collar.

T-shirt cape


This is a cape that they can put on and take off by themselves, and has no special washing instructions.

I hacked up the front of the shirt to make cleaning rags, so this old T-shirt now has two uses.

Have fun and make one for yourself!