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How to turn 10¢ into $54


Patience is not one of  my stronger virtues. The saying, “Haste makes waste” haunts me frequently.

Sweet William

Sweet William

However, I have managed to grow a biennial (Sweet William) from seed! A biennial flower does not bloom until its second year, so you can imagine the patience that I needed to grow such a plant.

It has been exciting to see the different blooms appear.

Growing Sweet William from Seed

Plants of blooming size sell for $5.99 at a local nursery. I estimate that I have about 9 plants about that size, so I essentially turned about 10¢ into $54! Ka-ching! I love saving money in the garden, and starting your own plants from seed is a fabulous way to do that.

Sweet William

Sweet William

Last spring I wrote a tutorial on the basics of starting seeds. One of the seeds that were featured were these Sweet William plants in seedling form. Since I wasn’t picky about variety, the inexpensive 20¢ seeds suited me just fine. So far they have been beautiful and long-lasting blooms; they have given me a great return on my investment of time and money.

Have you ever started your own plants from seed? What type of seed has saved you the most money?