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Freezing Peaches for Smoothies



When you’re finally looking at the end of 75 pounds of peaches, and you feel as though you’re losing the race against time; just freeze them! This is the easiest process for preserving huge quantities of very ripe peaches. I didn’t do anything special to the peaches, I just washed, pitted, sliced, froze on cookie sheets, then stuck them in freezer bags. They will be delicious later on in smoothies! I already canned some spiced peach pie filling, but if I run out of that, these will do nicely for a quick cobbler.

Of course, if I reach the end of my beloved peach jam (AHH!! PANIC!!), I may have to dig into this stash and make a small batch. 🙂

Now I’m working on a laundry basket full of sand pears! Recipes and tips coming soon!