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Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest-Edible Garden!


Although I did leave my garden for 6 days, I was able to visit another edible garden growing in the beautiful Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest. It was beautiful. The deliberate planning and the creative ideas made for an inspiring visit.


There were a series of unique planters that caught my eye.


They were made of straw by their artist in residence, Mei Ling Hom. They were arranged in a RhizoLink. This line of planters was arranged to represent the dits and dashes of Morse code. For more images, click here and here.

Maybe I’ll try to make my own someday. 🙂


Here is their greenhouse, with the RhizoLink along the path. Don’t the planters add a nice bit of structural interest?

I love their greenhouse. If I had one that big, I wouldn’t need a regular house.


I could just put a little cot in the center aisle for sleeping at night.

DSCN4646 DSCN4651

The raised beds are at varying heights to accommodate children, the elderly, and those in wheelchairs. Raised beds also provide more control over the growing medium. Some of the beds were made of wood, others of rock. The plants looked quite healthy and I loved looking at all the varieties.


I’m sure this Faerie Garden is a favorite of the children and young at heart. I think it is a wonderful way to get children interested in growing.


This compost bin is similar to my compost bins, but is made of logs rather than pallets. The thermometer helps them monitor the temperature.


I thought that this was a neat way to provide shade, privacy, and color to a front entrance. You could plant a flowering vine(or pole beans!) to climb the string, and some sweet potato vines to spill over the sides. So much inspiration here.

DSCN4654This little garden sign seems to sum up the purpose and goals of Bernheim’s Edible Garden.


If you ever visit Kentucky, a stop at the Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest will be well worth your time. You can also visit their garden timeline. I hope that you were inspired!

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