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Sharing Oregano With My Brother


My kid brother is living proof that garden hose water contains nutrients vital to bone and muscle development.

The two of us had quite a few fights while growing up together. I remember my mom saying, “Why can’t you kids just get along?!”

Either he’s gotten mature or I’ve gotten mellow, but now he grows cilantro for his sweet wife and I share my oregano with him. Maybe we’ve both gotten mature and mellow.

He asked me recently for some basil and oregano seeds. If you’ve grown basil, you know that it will grow pretty quickly from seed. I had oregano seeds to share too, but in a burst of big-sisterly kindness, I decided to just divide my established oregano plant with him.

See how bushy it is? The roots go all over the place, so dividing this type of plant is easy.


I just removed it from its pot and sliced through the roots with my large scary knife.


Then I  put his in a pot, put mine back, and filled in any gaps in the pots with my handy-dandy compost that I made using the process outlined in this post.

It feels so good to share, doesn’t it?

See Mom? I’m being nice to my little brother!

Now, if he starts whining about how my plant is bigger than his plant, I may just have to dust off those big sister torture tactics.