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Potato Volunteering in My Compost


If you have ever had a compost pile, you have probably been pleasantly surprised by a plant that “volunteered”, or grew without any help from you. I saw this healthy potato plant growing between the slats of my compost bin.


compost volunteer

It looked so happy growing there, but I figured that it would be a pain to dig potatoes there and I really didn’t want it to grow there. When I removed it, I was surprised by how little of a potato piece was needed to start a plant.


See that sliver of potato there? And the two cute baby potatoes? I replanted it in a better spot. If the potatoes grow, that will be a pleasant return on investment.

I have a tomato plant that has volunteered too. I know that it could be a random mutant, but I have an empty spot for it. For now, it shall live. I have a terrible time beheading healthy tomato plants.

Have you ever had something volunteer for you? If so, how did it turn out?