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Now I Want a Goat. Well, Maybe 2 Goats.


I thought I was going to need a cow for my family.

Then I read that a cow can produce 10 gallons of milk a day. We like milk, but that is a bit much.

So I got this book from the library, and learned that apparently a goat can produce 200 gallons a year. Still a lot of milk, to be sure, but we easily go through 2 gallons a week, and that doesn’t include other milk products such as butter, cheese, yogurt(I’ve just started making my own!), and ice cream.

I also read that goat milk tastes like cow’s milk, which is a definite plus.

1. You’re supposed to have 2 so they can keep each other company.

2. They need to be bred to keep up milk production, and with that of course comes a time when you should let her rest from making milk and then feed her kid(s). Oh, and I’d will have to find a buck to borrow, since I don’t think I could convince my husband to get three goats. Actually, he probably won’t even go for two, especially since we live in a neighborhood… Anyway, back to dreaming. I guess that makes #3.

3. We live in a neighborhood. Chickens might be stretching it.

So I think Nigerian dwarf goats would be nice, they’re rather small (50 lbs) and probably would produce about as much milk as we need, plus we could use surplus for butter ( which I could freeze) and yogurt. I would be fun to also try my hand at making cheese.

I wonder if I could have them in my backyard. Probably not. It would probably violate some zoning law.

Maybe we should move to the country so I can have some goats.

And chickens.

Hmmm. Maybe I should just start with chickens, but the book estimates that i could have milk for about $1.70 a gallon, and that’s after factoring in feed costs!

Do any of you have goats? What have been your experiences?

Are they noisy? Smelly? Worth the feed and work? Are they good with human kids? Does goat milk really taste like cow’s milk?

Do you think the neighbors would notice??? I have a privacy fence… Maybe they would like some fresh feta cheese??

Somebody talk some sense into me.

Tell me they really stink and that the neighbors will surely complain. Tell me I don’t have room and that the human kids will have nowhere to play. Tell me to start off with three chickens like a normal person and see how I like that.

But fresh milk!!!!!