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Foraging for Blackberries


I was excited to see all the pretty white flowers in my front yard landscaping this spring.


I have given up on eradicating the brambles, and have been rewarded with berries. Last year I had roses and berries growing together and I embraced the beautiful chaos.What else can you do when a new baby demands attention?

That particular variety seems to be done(dewberries, maybe?) and others are ready elsewhere.


Keeping an eye out for other patches of flowers led me to some yummy blackberries this evening.


We took home about 6 pints, and probably about another pint was enjoyed super-fresh.

Right now my plan is to make some blackberry jam, enjoy some fresh, and maybe make a cobbler. Any other bright ideas?

If you are in North Florida, now is the time to look for these delicious berries!



If You Can’t Beat ‘Em…


I would say, “If you can’t beat ’em; join ’em.”

However, my philosophy for the blackberries in the front yard bushes is: “If you can’t beat ’em; EAT ’em!”


I have been trying to get rid of these “brambles” for years. Countless yards of prickly vines have been pulled up carefully and discarded. Now I have pretty roses with blackberry vines intertwined in them.


This year, I did not get to the annual exercise in futility, and it is resulting in a small harvest.

I’m just going to eat them.