How to Decorate a Sprinkle Cake


What can be happier than sprinkles? It’s really hard to be grumpy when you have sprinkles on your cake.

I was recently asked to make a smaller version of this cake from Something Turquoise for a birthday. I’m not nearly as good a photographer as Christa Taylor Photography is, but here are some of my shots of the process.

Did you know you can buy sprinkles by the pound?
I figured buying a gazillion little containers of sprinkles would be pricey, so I bought a whole pound from Amazon.

A pound of sprinkles

It’s about 2 cups of cheerfulness. 

For a sprinkle cake, I thought that funfetti would be the perfect choice for the inside. 🙂

It was a two tier cake, and each tier had 3 layers. The bottom was 9″ in diameter, and the top was 6″ in diameter. I used a total of 4 batches of buttercream to crumb coat and frost the cake.

There are various ideas floating around about how to apply the sprinkles. Some roll the cake in the sprinkles, some use parchment paper and press the sprinkles into the frosting, but I went a different route.

I reasoned that those little nonpareils would stick to freshly applied frosting if I just kinda sprinkled them on the cake. I tested my theory on a swatch of frosting smeared on a plate, and off I went.

After the final coat of buttercream, I took the cake, tilted it over a cookie sheet, and sprinkled the sprinkles over the sides first.

I sprinkled the tops last. I used about a cup of sprinkles for the whole cake.

I made the marshmallow fondant bows ahead of time so they could dry.

Fondant is like Play-doh for grown-ups. People don’t usually even eat the fondant, so maybe bakers should just switch to Play-doh. It is non-toxic, isn’t it??

I used wooden skewers in the bottom tier to support the top tier,  glued the tiers together with a little soft frosting, and kept it refrigerated.

I also put a skewer through both tiers to help prevent shifting during delivery. 

Driving with a cake is the most nerve-wracking part of the whole cake business, in my opinion. Always carry an emergency kit!

The fondant ribbon was added just before delivery. If you refrigerate fondant, it tends to “sweat,” or get shiny with condensation.

A little frosting “glue” to hold the bows on after delivery, and it was done!

How did it taste?

Like childhood.

What do you think? Who do you know that would love a cake like this?


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  1. I think this is so cute! When I said happy birthday to Abby, I even mentioned how cute her cake was. I didn’t realize you made it!

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