Hardy Souls Can Still Garden in July


Florida summer gardening is intense. You have to be out early in the morning or late in the evening to escape some of the heat. Afternoon showers can help cool the air a bit, but my summer gardening is quite small this year.

The “hardy souls” of the title doesn’t really apply to me this season. There are a few bright spots, though.

Black eyed Susans are a bright spot of color- mine need to be deadheaded.

Pink zinnia

The zinnias are lovely.

Eggplants take the heat with glee.

Isn’t that one pretty? ‘Rosa Bianca’ is such a elegant variety.

Matt's Wild Cherry Tomato

I planted some Matt’s Wild Cherry tomatoes, and the first ones are ripening. Their flavor is amazing- a really rich tomato flavor.

Cherry tomatoes can go through the summer better than beefsteak or Roma tomatoes, or at least that has been the case for me.

Malabar spinach pictureMalabar spinach is new to me this year. I’m waiting for it to really grow; it’s supposed to do well in summer.

Mint is reaching out for the sunshine. I like it in Mint Iced Tea.

Compost pile with flowers

Summer is a great time to compost. Grass clippings are wonderful for heating up your compost pile and helping you stock up for a fall garden.

I really have not done as much in the garden as I did last year. My okra was a bust.

I’ve been canning though, and figs will hopefully be my next project. 

I’ve been doing a little cake decorating too, and hope to share some advice for using Russian icing tips soon. 

How’s your garden? Growing anything new?


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  1. The eggplants are looking good! Mine are nowhere as far.
    I tried some onions from sets this year and they were a little disappointing, but the ones which came as little bundles from the nursery are great! Wish I could say the same for the rest of the garden 🙂

    • Yeah, I’ve struggled with onions too. On the other hand, I’ve stuck the bottoms of grocery green onions in the soil and had great results!

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