My Face is Like a Train Wreck…


You just. can’t. stop. looking. at. it.

You know it’s bad when your dermatologist jumps and says “Whoa!” when she comes in to see you.DSCN7642

It has been an eye-opener (literally and figuratively) to see how much damage I have.

For those of you who may be wondering how my follow-up appointment went, my dermatologist recovered from her initial shock, told me that the treatment had gone well, and that hopefully treating the precancer spots now will prevent them from turning into something worse later.

Many have been supportive, sharing stories of when they or somebody they knew had to do this treatment.

There have been others caught staring.

“What are you looking at?”

“It’s just scary,” said my dear husband.


He clarified, “It’s just scary that all that has been there and we didn’t even know it.”

Nice save, dear. Nice save.

Seriously though, he has been very supportive and it has actually got him thinking about getting checked. If you’re reading this, and you have pink patches that just won’t go away, or spots that are concerning you, I hope you get an appointment. It probably won’t cost as much as you think, and it may help prevent something worse.

I love to garden, but my gardening hat has not been used nearly as much as it should. I am so much more conscious of sun damage now, and I hope sharing my experience will help others.

To read more about how I decided to go to the dermatologist, you can read How my Makeup Sent Me to the Dermatolgist and Turned Me into a Vampire.

Florida sun is harsh. Wear a hat!


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