May Gardening To-Do List


It’s a great time to get those summer gardens started!

Here’s what I’m planning to do this month.


  1. Get basil in the ground. It’s not too late to start some, and it makes wonderful homemade pesto!
  2. Plant eggplant.
  3. Plant okra.
  4. Set up and plant a pole bean teepee.
  5. Harvest potatoes.DSCN6810
  6. Start yard long beans.
  7. Hopefully I will get lots of cucumbers to make refrigerator pickles!

What’s on your agenda for this month?


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    • They probably could grow over 12 feet tall, providing the conditions were good enough. I’m going to make mine about 8 feet tall, which will also make it easier to harvest. Bean plants spiral to climb, but then I let them droop down and start again, or guide them to fill in a bare spot.

    • My cucumbers have been a failure as well. My family goes through pickles like crazy, so I really wanted many, many cukes. Is it too late to seed more plants, I wonder?

      • Depends on your area, but you may be able to find some for a good deal at a farmers market like mommermom. If you know someone with a large garden, they may also be willing to part with some.

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