Did you start your tomatoes on Valentine’s Day?


This year, I’m trying to eke out a bit more from my winter garden. Hopefully having the garden busy with radishes, turnips, and mustard greens will keep me from poking bean seeds into cool soil.


I love being able to harvest the dinner vegetable just minutes before cooking it.

More kale, three types of turnips, and hopefully some carrots will be making an appearance soon.


I did get some tomatoes, peppers, dill, and cucumbers started this week. It seems as though winter is over, and I do have a few rows that will be available.

I need to save some more seeds this year from my ‘National Pickling’ cucumbers. I use them to make refrigerator pickles, and we look forward to them each year.

Really, if I could only grow one vegetable each spring, I think cucumbers would be it.

What is your favorite vegetable to grow in the spring?



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  1. One vegi would have to be Tomatoes for me. I eat them the most and the 35 plants we had last year were not enough for my habit so we are doubling it this year.

  2. Tomatoes are pretty much the only vegetable I’ve ever had real luck with growing. This year, I’m going to give more leafy greens a shot and see if I can’t at least make a little side salad out of the deal! 😉

    • If you can grow tomatoes, you should do well with leafy greens too. See what others in your area are growing. Sadly, by the time tomatoes are ready in North Florida, it’s way too hot for lettuce. You should try squash too! Patty pan squash are cute.

  3. I can’t wait to start my seedlings here in a few weeks. I’ll do tomatoes, peppers, and possibly cucumbers. It’s still a few months before I can transplant outside, but peas and root vegetables can go in the ground while there is still a chance for light frost in about a month. So excited to get back out to the garden.

  4. Actually I grew my tomatoes 5 weeks after feb 14th and they r going well till now. I live in the Himalayan country of Nepal and I feel that they r gonna give me good yield this season.

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