How to Strain your Homemade Yogurt to Make It Thick


You can make your own yogurt at home, but if you are expecting mounded spoonfuls, you will probably be disappointed.

Making homemade yogurt is easy (see how in my post here), and straining it requires practically no effort.


After the culturing time, simply pour your warm yogurt into a strainer lined with cheesecloth. I used a double layer.

A friend of mine didn’t have  cheesecloth and used coffee filters instead, and she was able to get the Greek yogurt consistency that she wanted. I tried it that way too, and it worked just fine.

I set mine in the fridge to strain, that way it is cold at the end of the straining time.


You should have a commercial yogurt consistency in just three hours. Leave longer if you want Greek yogurt.

If it gets too thick, simply whisk in some of the whey.

Don’t throw away the yellow whey that is left!

I store my whey in the fridge and have used it in place of milk in a muffin recipe. I want to try it in homemade bread too. A few nights ago I replaced most of the milk in a waffle recipe with the whey.  They were the softest, most tender waffles I have ever eaten.

I’m guessing that the fine texture was due to the acidic whey reacting with the baking powder-maybe one of you foodies could confirm my theory?


Have you made homemade yogurt yet? Do you strain yours, or eat as is?

What do you do with the whey?


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