A Day for Making Pies


It is just not Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie. Even if someone else makes a pie for dessert, I usually make sure that I have another one for me later. Today’s list: salted caramel pecan pie, mixed berry pie, and pumpkin cheesecake. My father in-law is a certified executive chef, and he’s doing the turkey and many of the sides.

First, I made homemade ginger snaps using the recipe on the McCormick site. I baked some of them a few extra minutes to get them crunchy.


They were used to make the crust for the pumpkin cheesecake. So good!

Then I made pie crust for the other pies.


Scraps were not wasted; I used my cute Wilton cutters to make little shapes. After a bit of egg wash and sugar, they were baked for a bit on some foil. Cute garnish, don’t ya think?


So maybe I spent way to much time on this crust. It is just going to be eaten, I know, but isn’t it pretty?


I’m looking forward to trying this tomorrow. My original plan was to put the pie crust leaves around this border, but I may do something fancy on the cheesecake tomorrow.

I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving! Let us not forget our God, to Whom we owe everything. If you are able to be near a wonderful family, do not take that for granted. Many are so far from their loved ones on this special day.

Hug your loved ones close, thank God for His provision, and enjoy the day!


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