Playing in the Dirt


It’s fun to play outside for a bit, isn’t it?

Fun to be outside past 9 am and not dripping sweat off your nose.

I’m a little late getting my garlic in, but it’s in now. I usually try to put it in around Halloween. The garlic-vampire connection helps me remember when to plant it.


Technically, you’re not supposed to plant garlic from the grocery store, but since when do gardeners follow all the gardening rules? I’ve done pretty well the past couple of years doing it this way, and it’s quite cheap too.


I snipped the last of the basil. It is now a lush green bouquet by my kitchen sink. I’ll have to think of something worthy of it, or maybe I’ll let it root in water (similar to Torenia) and have it become a coddled houseplant on the windowsill.


Leif has been enjoying having his humans outside with him. Chasing a tennis ball is fun in the fall.

He wasn’t really interested in the second batch of mustard greens or turnips that I planted. Thankfully, he’s past the digging lots of holes phase. Well, kind of. I also planted some Bloomsdale spinach. I haven’t had much success with it in the past, but maybe this will be the year for it.

How’s your garden? Have you been able to get outside and play lately?


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