Yard Long Bean Recipe: Roasted Knots

Yard Long Bean Recipe: Roasted Knots

If you had beans that grew as long as your forearm, why would you just chop them up to make them look like ordinary green beans?

Why not do something interesting?

I thought about this for a while, and this is what I came up with one evening. Roasted Yard Long Bean Knots is quite a mouthful to say, but it is a literally delicious mouthful.



Take your beans, wash and trim off the tough stem end.


Blanch for a few minutes to make them pliable.


Tie them into knots ( I got two from each bean), then snip with scissors or cut with a knife to separate.


Place on cookie sheet, drizzle with olive oil, and roast at 425 degrees for approximately 20 minutes, turning halfway through.

Pretty neat presentation!

If you’ve never grown these beans, you can check out my post about them.

If they are a favorite of yours, how do you like to eat them?


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  1. Nice 🙂
    I tried growing them but never give them the water and space they need to do well… plus here in PA the summer just doesn’t keep them as happy as yours does.

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