How to Transport 150 Cupcakes


Random fact about me: sometimes I’m asked to make wedding cakes. It’s a fun hobby for me, and I don’t really advertise it; people hear about me, call me, and ask me to make their wedding cake / cupcakes.

teal and yellow wedding cake and cupcakes dessert table

A little while back, I was asked to make a small wedding cake and 150 cupcakes.

teal and yellow wedding cupcakes

The bride told me her color, specified the flavors, picked out some designs, and I started baking.

teal and yellow cupcake ideas

I started thinking though, how was I going to get a hundred fifty cupcakes over to the reception? I needed something or multiple somethings that were fairly large easy to carry and air tight.

how to transport 150 cupcakes

What about storage containers? At first, I was going to use some large storage totes. Then I realized that I already had the perfect solution – under bed storage containers! It is very easy to transport many cupcakes in these containers.

They’re light, lidded, and stackable. I know this blog is primarily about gardening, but if one of you is head of the PTA and needs to transport bunch of cupcakes, or you’re a hobbyist baker like me; transporting lots of cupcakes is easy if you use the right container.

I only wish I had made some extra chocolate cupcakes – for me!


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