Yum! Fresh Salsa!


How spicy do you like your salsa? Mildly spicy? Sweet? Or does your mouth need to be tingling with pulsating agony from the peppers?

I’m one of those people who like spicy foods, but I draw the line at hiccuping over hot sauce.

My husband has an uncle who collects hot sauce. We got him some crazy hot sauce for Christmas one year, and it was so spicy that ONE DROP ON A CRACKER caused his eyes to water and gave him the hiccups. Strangest reaction to hot sauce I’d ever seen.

You can adjust the heat in this salsa by removing the seeds from the jalapeño for less heat, or leave them all in for maximum heat.

Pair some homegrown tomatoes with some onion, jalapeño, and cilantro, and you have a fresh, flavorful salsa.


Just a whirl in a food processor and a dash of salt, and you are done!

This salsa is delicious with tortilla chips or with your favorite Mexican meal.

I could consider this lunch- what about you?


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    • Yeah, it’s really simple and adaptable to taste or to what you have on hand. Fresh salsa is simple, yet a nice way to impress guests. “Ahem. Hey guys, excuse me while I make some fresh salsa…” Say it casually, like you do it all the time. 🙂 Hope you get a chance to try it before the garden tomatoes are gone!

  1. Just throw in a splash of lemon to top this one off! love salsa. Especially good with that fresh cilantro from the garden. Never got the hiccups but only like it spicy not eye watering.😂

    • Great idea! Or even some lime juice would be awesome with that cilantro. I don’t like my eyes to water while I’m eating either; eating is supposed to be a pleasant experience!

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