Is it time for fall decorations yet?


It’s a cool 87 degrees today- fall must be close! I saw a sign advertising Pumpkin Spice Lattes; that confirms it. The summer garden is a wreck, and it is time to start over with the fall garden.

My leafy crops that I started a few weeks ago are starting to get their true leaves, and the yard long beans are finally putting out beans, desperately trying to remain intact through the transition.

I think I’ll let them stay. πŸ™‚

I made spiced muffins with some gingery sand pear sauce, and the aroma was very autumnal. That’s a real word, by the way, autumnal.

I have reserved pears for a special recipe: Nana Clement’s Conserve.

Fall decorations, time to emerge from the depths of the shed! It’s time to decorate for fall!


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  1. I would love to think that autumn is in the air but that is just not happening yet in our neck of the woods! September and October can be some of our hottest months and we get the hot Santa Ana winds blowing. Sometimes by October our nights will cool off. Then, lo and behold it’s finally November, my favorite month of the year. It is only one that I will feel like summer is over. 😊

    • I think we are getting a little “cold” front. We may be back to the blistering 90s next week, but for now the mornings are cool and refreshing!

  2. I’d love to start decorating for fall! The temps here in eastern Michigan have been in the low 70’s all week, but the weekend and next week we are going right back up to the upper 80’s. This little taste of fall has given us a chance to enjoy being outside and visiting a few farmer’s markets and a cup of hot cocoa in the evening. Can’t say I’ll be too sorry to see summer go, but after a short fall we’re right back into winter — cold and snowy. Oh well, for now I’ll dream of fall and cooler days again, pumpkins, mums, and apple picking.

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