Morning Jog Bonus: Blueberries and Grapes!


Who takes baggie on their morning jog? Well, I wouldn’t exactly call my morning excursion a jog. It’s more like a walk / jog / hobble / lumbering  gait down the road. I took a bag with me this morning, because I had noticed some grapes growing by the side of the road a few days ago. Blueberry season is really over in this area, but there are a few hanging on in some bushes by the side of the road on my walk. It was a good excuse to take a break.  🙂


Have you ever found anything edible on a walk?


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  1. Our neighborhood is full of yummies as many of us grow our food in our front yards and on parking strips. Not like I’m eating lunch in another’s garden, but the marionberries and blackberries do beg to be sampled 🙂

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