Are these muscadine grapes? Or am I about to poison my family?


UPDATE: These are indeed muscadine grapes. I have been harvesting and eating them. Yummy!

I noticed these grape-like vines growing above my garden. I guess I have never tasted a purple one before, maybe in years past I have just sampled them at the green stage?


The fruit grows in clusters of just a few at a time.


Picture of the vines and leaves.


Everything I’ve read seems to support the muscadine grape theory. I took a little taste of one, and it seemed sweet.

Can anyone confirm? I picked almost a pint the other day, and I’d like to know if they are surely edible or if I will surely die.


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  1. Actually these do look like Muscadine Grapes. They do grow wild so be sure, look up a the plant on the internet. Look at the leaves and the vine and compare the two. Muscadines are very good and make a great jelly. Don’t expect them to be as sweet and flavorful as the grapes you purchase at the supermarket, however. The vine itself can get quite large and heavy and if not watched it can tear down that fence. If you can figure a way to allow it in your yard without the fence for a support you are in good shape. You can also grow it from cuttings if you like.

    • Great to know. Maybe I will try making some jelly. The vines are actually growing up a tree, but maybe I will take some cuttings and maximize my harvest.

      • I have seen the muscadine grapes for sale on WalMart here in southern MS. You see if they have some to compare with what you have. Let me know how your jelly turns out!

      • That’s a good idea. I tried a few today, and the flavor was pretty good, but the skins are tougher and the seed portion is pretty sizeable so the jelly option is looking like the best way to make good use of them if I get a lot more.

    • That would be nice. They seem to be growing from the no man’s land between our yard and our neighbor and up through the trees. Thanks for the ID!

  2. They look a lot like grapes to me, but I’m no expert. Actually something with similar leaves is growing under my apple tree, but it’s still small. I wasn’t sure if it was grape since the leaves are quite different from the “regular” grape leaves. I guess I’m keeping it now.

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